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Monday, June 01, 2020
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College/Adult Release Form

Ski Trip Medical Release 
Name: Last______________________First____________________
Middle____________Preferred name:____________________________________
Age:__________Sex:___________ Birth Date:__________
Favorite things to do :________________________________________
Phone number at home:___________________
E-mail address:___________________________
Relationship to child:___________________________________________________
Relationship to child:___________________________________________________


HOSPITAL PREFERENCE:________________________________________________
Family Doctor:_______________________________________Phone:____________
Insurance Company:__________________________________Phone:____________
Policy Number:________________________________________________________
Social Security #:________________________________________________
*HEALTH HISTORY: List anything pertinent to your child’s 
performance in any activity.
Any allergies?______To what?___________________________________________
Dietary modifications if any:_____________________________________________
Asthma?________ Seizures?_______ Diseases?__________ 
Tendency to faint?_______________
Loss of hearing?_________________Bleeding/Clotting problems?_______ 
Learning disabilities?___________Shots/Vaccinations up to date?______
Current or permanent medications we should be aware of?
Please use this space for further information we need to know concerning any of 
the above or anything else that could help us take better care for you.


If a medical emergency should arise, I hereby give 
permission to the person in authority to select the physician, nurse, or other 
member of the medical profession and/or hospital listed for my child’s care 
and to proceed with the necessary steps. I will assume liability of payment 
for all such persons and such services rendered and will exclude Arlington
 United Methodist Church for any expenses incurred for treatment, care, 
medications, and other  services. I give permission to be sent home at my 
expense for any misconduct on the trip. In consideration for the above as
 well as in consideration for the supervision and discipline provided, I hereby
 agree to indemnify and hold harmless and not responsible Arlington United
 Methodist Church of Jacksonville, Inc., its agents, members, employees, 
counselors, and affiliates (herein collectively referred to as AUMC ) for the
 results of any decision which they in their discretion shall make.

I have received proper information of where departure time, what to bring,
 and arrival destination.
Ski Trip (Timberline West Virginia)
This release contains the entire Agreement between the parties hereto 
and the terms of this Release are contractual and not a mere recital.
I have carefully read, clearly understand, and voluntarily sign this release:
Releasor: (Please print):_____________________________________________
Releasor: (Signature):________________________________________________

                                                          STATE OF FLORIDA
                         DUVAL COUNTY The foregoing instrument was acknowledged
Before me on this date:
By: (Print name of person):___________________________________

Who is personally known to me 
or has produced identification and did not take an oath.

Type of ID:__________________________
Notary signature:_____________________
Stamp or seal Notary name printed:__________________
My commission expires on:_____________
My commission number is:______________
Arlington United Methodist Church: November 2006
To be completed and Notarized