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Arlington United Methodist Church. Jacksonville, Florida
Friday, September 20, 2019
Reaching Out In Love to Draw Our Community to Jesus Christ in Jacksonville, Florida
VBS Registration Form 2018
Child's First Name    Last Name 
Age:         DOB:      Grade just finished:  
Parent(s):   and 
Guardian:   What relation? 
Home Address:    ZIP 
Phone numbers:
Home phone    Cell phone   other phone 
Email Address:  
Who my pick up your child?  
My we have permission to photograph your child for ID purposes and in group settings?   YES   NO 
Home Church:   
 Allergies or other Medical condition:  
In case of emergency we will call you 1st!
Hospital preferred  
Emerg Name:   Emerg Relation  
  Emerg Phone #1:    Emerg Phone #2:   
I affirm I am the parent or guardian of this child and give permission for them to attend the AUMC VBS.  Please type you name in this box
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Blessings from the 2018 VBS team at Arlington United Methodist Church
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