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Arlington United Methodist Church. Jacksonville, Florida
Monday, June 01, 2020
Reaching Out In Love to Draw Our Community to Jesus Christ in Jacksonville, Florida




Here are some events and stuff that we have going on:

Super Natural - Sunday Nights (well, almost every Sunday Night) at 5:00 pm we meet, hang out, play games, worship, and talk about stuff. Come check it all out on Sunday Nights from 5-7.

Leadership Council  - When summer starts we will no longer meet on Sunday Nights.

CD Library - Co check out diffrent Cd's you might like.

Camping Trip/Sleepover - make sure you are ready to stay up almost all night either way. June 1st-2nd

Xiomara awarness week - The last week of every month. Xiomara is our sponsered child from El Salvador. Each month we will pick a week to give up soda, and coffee. The money that you save from those luxury items will provide Xiomara with the necessities. This is optional for each student. A portion all your money spent at the power bar will be donated to fund our adopted child also. 

Float Trip - We will be going down the Ichetucknee on June 15th so get ready for a great time. The cost is $7 a person.




Birth DayThere are now the Birthdates of youth on the Calendar. IF you come the week of your Birth date you will get something free from the Powerbar. Make sure you come the week that you were born on.

Music - Do you think all Christian Music sounds the same? Well 
check out the link below to find bands that sound like the music 
you like

               Check out Relevant Magazine for some neat articles link  Below                





Ski Trip  






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