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Monday, June 01, 2020
Reaching Out In Love to Draw Our Community to Jesus Christ in Jacksonville, Florida

Other Ministries

                                              Stephen Ministries   A Ministry of Care

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one caring ministry through which one Christian reaches out to another when that person is hurting. The basis of Stephen Ministry is found in Acts 6:1-7. Stephen was commissioned by the other disciples to care for the community's needs.

To become a Stephen Minister, one must apply, have an interview with a Stephen Leader, be accepted then work through a 50 hour training course. The training course equips one to be a real caregiver. Stephen Ministers are not counselors or therapists. They are caregivers; God is the One that works within the person that is hurting and provides the healing. A Stephen Minister is there to help the process. How to do that? That is what the 50 hours of training is all about.

Persons that may be hurting or persons that know of someone that is hurting, please get in touch - let it be known at the church office (PH 743-1400) or you may let one of the Stephen Leaders know. You may indicate the need by using the e-mail with this web page.  Persons with whom Stephen Ministers work do not have to be members of Arlington United Methodist Church.

There is a strict code of confidentiality within Stephen Ministry. All transactions, all observations, all impressions and all records concerning persons being assisted are and must remain confidential. Are you interested in becoming a Stephen Minister? Please indicate your desire by letting the Minister know.

Stephen Ministry was started by a minister in St. Louis in 1974. It is an interdenominational ministry, including both Protestant and Catholic Churches and reaches outside the boundaries of the US. Stephen Ministry is truly a ministry of reaching out to people of all faiths with the love that only God can provide.


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